For First-Time, Full-Time and All-The-Time Caregivers Needing Added Guidance and Support To Find Freedom In The Midst of Overwhelm

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Quick Glance At Take Back Your Life Caregiver Home Program

Guidance and Support are provided thanks to our 3-pronged approach to reap the benefits:  

1) From the comfort of your home, on your time schedule, learn new coping strategies to help you turn your challenges into actionable steps. Hearing actual calls from the live Take Back Your Life Group Program, lets you know you’re not alone and you can walk away from each call with real solutions.  

2) Get professional, targeted guidance from Loren Gelberg-Goff. She is not only an author, but a leading national caregiving expert. Learn how to care more compassionately for yourself and let go of overwhelm and guilt. You will gain a full understanding of specific communication designed for caregivers to be more effective with your loved one than what you’ve been doing up until now.  

3) A step by step guide to handling your role as a caregiver. Master these steps with ease and discover new approaches and exactly how you can use them successfully in your life. 

These benefits plus handouts, as well as transcripts of the audios set you up for success to get you on the road to clear goal-setting, and targeted feedback to greatly enhance your results. 

You Come First

When you learn the importance of focusing on your needs and feelings you will recognize how it truly benefits those you love. This is learning the daily significance of airplane emergency protocol that when traveling with dependents, and oxygen is required, place the oxygen mask over your face first. 

Eliminate Your Guilt

Guilt implies that you have done something wrong. Guilt can be helpful, but it can also be very destructive, and lead to shame. In this week’s lesson, you’ll learn to work through guilt feelings, act and provide care with healthy compassion for both yourself and your loved one.

Create Healthy Boundaries

A boundary is anything that marks a limit, and psychological boundaries define personal dignity. Learn that in spite of stresses, pressures, demands and needs, you can create and maintain boundaries that are loving and respectful to yourself and actually help to improve your relationship with those you love. 

Break Free From Anger & Resentment

Anger is a double-edged sword. When we lash out in anger, then the world lashes back with that same anger, causing pain and grief that still has to get resolved. This lesson is all about how to extinguish your resentment and anger in a healthier way. In fact, it’s about learning to appreciate anger as your friend. 


As a participant in the home study program, you are invited to the caregivers' "inner circle". Join Loren LIVE each month to get answers to your burning questions. You will also receive additional guidance based on your individual needs. Stay out of isolation, get the support you need and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s The Deadline To Enroll In Take Back Your Life Home Program?

The fast action bonus expires on January 21st. You can enroll in the program anytime at the regular rate. 

2. I’m In! When Will I Get Access To The Program?

Great! When you enroll, you will receive an email confirmation and lesson 1 will be delivered to your in-box within 24 hours. You will then get one lesson each week for 4 weeks, and then you’ll be notified of the Inner Circle call with the log-in time and date. 

3. Can I Join At Another Time?  

While this home-study program is available at the regular rate at any time, to access this discounted rate is before, Tuesday, March 24th at midnight eastern time.  

4. What Can I Expect From This Program?

As a Home Study Participant, here is what you can expect:  

  • 4 recorded calls taken directly from our Take Back Your Life Group Program 
  • 4 Transcripts so that you can learn from both the audio, and the written. 
  • Handouts specific to each call to further enhance your learning and create more opportunities for growth and change 
  • An invitation to participate in a Live Inner Circle Support Call to get direct feedback and answers to your questions that occur during the home-study program 
  • E-mail access to Loren with questions that might arise as you go through the 4 classes. 
  • An opportunity to begin taking as good care of yourself as you do of those you love. 

Your success is measured by your commitment. If you listen to the classes, answer the questions of the handouts, and implement what you are learning, you will shift your confidence level, and learn new ways to navigate your caregiving role with greater ease and more self-care and compassion.  

5. How Can I Afford To Participate in this Home Program?

This home-study program is designed for impact and affordability. TBYL is valued at over $400, but for this limited time, you can get started today for $25. This is less than what you would spend with a therapist for one session. Start taking care as good care of yourself TODAY as you do of those you love.

What People Are Saying: 

"I learned so much and feel like I can finally let go of the pain I have been carrying towards my family. Never have I felt so alive and aware. You are the best, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to take back my life." (GC)


“All someone needs to do, if they’re looking for relief from the stress and struggle and emotional upheavals of being a caregiver, is listen to ONE of these calls – they’ll be immediately hooked!” (DO)


“Loren’s insights, support and guidance opened my life to so much more joy and abundance I never realized before. My marriage has improved, I have more compassion for my aging parents and my overall health has even improved. I laugh more readily now. And to think I thought I forgot how to enjoy life! I am forever grateful for working with Loren and all that our work together has done for me.” (LB)


"Wow… I never stop learning from you. Your programs have helped me to totally turn my life around. Thank you so much!" (SL)


"I continue to listen to the replays, and always find something new, different, and valuable. You are amazing. Thank you for all your help in my life." (CM)